What is a waiver and why do I need one?

Everything you need to know about the Rush waiver and why it is necessary for all adults and children.

27 November 2018
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What is a Waiver Form?

A waiver is a legal document which is also known as a liability waiver, a release form or a waiver and release. The form is designed to make sure that all participants are aware of the risk of the activity they are taking part in, and is an agreement for participants not to hold the organiser responsible for any personal injuries or loss.

There are many circumstances where you may be asked to sign a waiver. On taking out a new gym membership you may be required to sign one, or before taking part in an organised marathon or charity race. Trampolining involves an element of risk which is why it is essential for everyone jumping to sign a waiver.

Why Should I Sign it for Rush UK?

Safety is our top priority at Rush, which is why we have the waiver in place. By signing it you are agreeing to adhere to the rules at the trampoline park, and agreeing to watch the safety video before jumping. If people misuse the equipment then accidents can happen and unfortunately we cannot be held responsible, so it’s important you understand the risk.

It is standard practice to sign a waiver on arrival at any trampoline park in the UK.

Do Children Need a Waiver?

Yes, every individual jumping needs a separate waiver form. Children under the age of 18 are required to have a waiver form signed by their parent or legal guardian. If a person under 18 is visiting Rush without their parents, they can have a waiver signed in advance from the website. Alternatively, the responsible adult accompanying the child can sign the liability agreement on the behalf the under 18’s parent or guardian.

Do I Need to Sign it Every Time I Visit?

No – once a waiver is signed, we keep it on file for 12 months so you won’t have to sign a new form every single time you visit Rush. We will let you know once a year has passed and the waiver is no longer valid, in which case you need to sign a new form. Rush Birmingham has now been open a year, so if you first signed a waiver last November or December you may be required to sign a new one. If you think yours has expired, it only takes two minutes to fill out a new waiver online.

If you have any questions or concerns about safety or the waiver, please get in touch with us ahead of your booked slot.