Improve your family’s fitness

5 tips to inspire the whole family to get off the sofa and moving, whatever the weather!

27 November 2018
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Finding time to exercise and spend quality time together as a family can be difficult without the added complications of ferrying the kids back and forth to after school classes, weekend clubs, making tea and finding time to make that yoga class or go for a run.

The Government’s recommended guidelines for school-aged children is to spend 60 minutes a day on moderate to vigorous physical activity, but a recent YouGov poll found that a jaw-dropping 91 per cent of children are failing to reach that target.

Everyone seems to be busy doing their own thing, so wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time together as a family and become more active? Health and fitness is OUR thing here at Rush, we pride ourselves on being a heaven for kids and a haven for parents so put together our top tips to improve your family’s fitness.

5 Ways to Improve Your Family’s Fitness:

Take the WHOLE family trampolining. Trampolining is brain boosting, heart pumping family fun and a great cross-generational workout for the whole family.If you follow us on Facebook you might have spotted our video of 94 year old Dennis Burgess having a go on the trampoline during a family day out. Trampolining is low impact so easy on your joints and gets your heart rate pumping in no time.

Rush recommends…
Start small and book a 30 minute session (we run 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute sessions at our park) and have a bounce. Make sure you bend your knees and jump with two feet together and you’re good to go!Save money on your visit together with our Family Tickets.